Quick Overview of BASIX Assessment Process

  • You bring in Architectural drawings,
  • We run the thermal assessment and let you know what it takes for the design to pass “BASIX Thermal”. That includes (but not limited to) specifications for thermal R values for walls, roof, ceiling insulation, thermal U value & SHGC of glazing,
  • If you like what you see,
  • You incorporate the specifications on your drawings,
  • We stamp the drawings.

5 Low cost ways to improve NatHERS Ratings

  • Insulate all internal walls
  • Insulate mid floor of the house
  • Use self -closing dampers on exhaust fans
  • Insulate garage ceiling (may not work for all designs)
  • Hebel floor for first floor

BASIX Requirements for New Homes

If you are planning to build a new home, you are going to hear many new unfamiliar terms, one such term is BASIX!. BASIX is “Building sustainability index” that helps to determine whether your home or building meets the government's sustainability target or not. Besides being a mandatory requirement a good score on BASIX ensures that your home or building is going to be built to a minimum energy standard and will be ecofriendly as well.

BASIX Consultants like us will help your house designs meet the BASIX targets.

“BASIX index” addresses the three attributes of “ecologically sustainable design” principles. The “Thermal”, “Energy” and “Water”.

Every home needs to be designed to conserve energy, water and be thermally efficient.

BASIX Consultants or BASIX Assessors

The thermal efficiency of the house is measured under the NatHERS scheme. Certified energy consultants in Australia conduct the thermal modelling to measure the efficiency of the house. There are registered number of energy rating assessors in Australia. In NSW they are referred to as BASIX consultants or BASIX assessors.

They are authorized to produce the NatHERS certificates.

We at Positive eco are more than happy to help you with the list of “BASIX requirements for new homes” free of charge.

Call or email us today and get a heads up on BASIX requirements for new homes. We are ABSA certified Energy rating assessors in Australia.


When do you need BASIX certificate?
If you are planning on building new dwellings, multi-unit apartment buildings or row houses you need BASIX as part of development application Or if you planning on alterations worth over $50,000 or with swimming pool with over 40kL size

How can you get BASIX certificate?
BASIX is sustainability NSW Governments’ sustainability index. It stipulates Thermal, Water and Energy requirements. BASIX assessors like us can help you get the BASIX compliance.

How much does it cost for BASIX certificate?
For a typical project home, the assessment fees starts from $580 onwards (Including GST, BASIX and NatHERS certificates)

How long does it take to get the BASIX certificate?
We turnaround fast.
Rush jobs no problems for us.
Weekend works ?!! we are willing to organise for weekend work for your deadlines

Where does NatHERS assessment fit in this process?
NatHERS assessment is required to demonstrate compliance of Thermal component of BASIX. If the DIY method of thermal compliance is not an option then NatHERS method is used.
NatHERS method offers the flexibility to offset losses in one component of building fabric by improvements in other components.
As an example, if the DIY method required the glazing area to be reduced for compliance of BASIX Thermal then for the same design with the NatHERS method instead of reducing the glazing allows you to add insulation on ceiling to the levels above and beyond the required to achieve the compliance

What is required for BASIX certificate and NaTHERS assessment?
Full set of architectural, including window schedule, elevations, walls details, site plans, external finishes schedule etc.

Can a BASIX assessor make a difference?
Yes, with their service they can.
At positive eco we work with the clients, understand their needs and restraints and offer them acceptable solutions.

Residential Projects Completed

90 Croatia Road, Edmondson Park, NSW consisting of 46 Townhouses
25-23 Sheffield Road, Bowral, consisting of 7 Townhouses
67 Prembroke Road Minto, consisting of 6 Townhouses
39 Mary Street Googong consisting of 8 Townhouses
313A & B Lizzie Street, Googong, consisting of 9 Townhouses
54 Whetherill street, Silverwater consisting of Duplex houses,
62 Lovell Rd., Eastwood, consisting of Duplex houses
9 Barrawinga, Telopea, consisting of Duplex houses
18 Dredge Road, Moorebank, consisting of house and a Granny flat
32 Dowding St., Panania, consisting of Dual occupancy houses
Lot 303 Tatham Rd., Colebee, consisting of Single dwelling
42 Horatio Ave., Norwest, consisting of Single dwelling
48 + 50 Ascot Road, Bowral, NSW consisting of 8 townhouses.
Lot 3, DP 208310, No. 62A Chisholm Road, Auburn, consisting of Single dwelling
Two double storey brick veneer dwellings at Lot 4 Riverstone Road, Riverstone, NSW

and many more such projects